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AP Gets Its Own Completely Digitized Clinics

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In this age of digital processes it is considered quite an old systems when the nurse or the receptionist is asked to fish out a record of the patients only to find that there is a missing records or even worse, a botched up attempt to find one. Here, at Dhruthi Clinics the processes are completely digitized thereby making it less prone to human negligence and error as well. Here are a few of its strongest features.

Centralized repository

Often one would find that the lack of digital systems in place in any organization, there are workers who would have to pull out records that may have wrong information of multiple information. This tends to cause redundancy in the data records as well as sometimes a wrong records can also be passes off as the true one. However such problems do not occur at Dhruthi Hospitals as there is a centralized repository which can be accessed for all the needs of data and records.

Easy and secure access to patient data

Another important aspect of this digitized hospital is that in case your caregiver has changed or the patient wants to have a second opinion from another doctor, there is no need to conduct all the tests again. With a few clicks the data collected on a patient’s health history can be made available to the caregiver, electronically since all this information is available in the central repository.

These are the two main benefits or USPs of Dhruthi Hospital which is AP’s first fully digitized hospital. For us health of our patients is important and thus we offer you nothing but the best possible services so that you or your loved ones can get the best possible treatments and the latest one indeed to get cured holistically. Dhruthi is the digitalized Best Dental Hospital in Guntur to offer best services at affordable cost.