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Experienced Doctors: A Boon to Humanity

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Can you recall a time when you may have heard stories about incompetence of a doctor? We are sure you have. Dhruthi clinic realizes the value of life of your near and dear ones and thus engages some of the most experienced doctors to ensure that the life of your loved ones is in the right hands. With our best dental hospital in guntur, you would never have to fear about medical negligence or a doctor who values life selectively.

Medically aware

We as an institution have always encouraged doctors who believe in reinventing the various ways to treat a person. It is important for the doctors or the medical practitioners to consider the adaptation and knowledge of the latest medical innovations and practices to ensure that the same can be applied to Indian patients. This is with the intention that the best form of treatment should be made available to the common man irrespective of the caste or creed of the patient. Our Dental Clinics in Guntur gives good value for your money offer best treatments to all people and stands on top position in the Best Dental Hospital in Guntur. In our opinion medical services are one of the most basic services that a person needs to survive and this must be provide with all sincerity to the person.


One of the many qualities that an experienced doctor tends to have is that of the practice of communicating with the patient. It is important for both the doctor and the patience to have a dialogue as to what is wrong with the body of the patient. It is imperative that the doctor tells the entire current situation of the patient’s health to the patient so that he as an individual ad the master of his body can decide for himself the best alternative among the ones suggested.

As doctors tend to grow older in their practice they tend to grow older in their work and have had seen many patients. It is a known fact that each person is different from the other in its own unique way. Hence all the cases require a unique approach too. However, experience and a willingness to treat even the most complex of cases make our doctors i.e Dr Hari Krishna & Dr Lakshmi Nimmaraju among the best ones in the fraternity.