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very near to my apartment and very close to patients Dr.Hari Krishna sir.. Appointment system in this clinic was accurate.Op system was appointment wise ..and home sample collection u have to use one more advantage...

- Esther

07th May 2024

Very good experience..and Dr garu explaining was never ever experienced another place or with any other doctors..thank you dhruthi clinics

- Aparna Koduri

06th May 2024

For the first time I visited Dhruthi clinics ...I fell very happy because finally I found correct person in name of Dr.Hari ...Thank you ..and lab boys also with home sample collection availability to the patient top class

- Mohan Kumar

30 April 2024

Very good results..when I came here my sugar level is high ..now I'm totally fine ..a very big thank you to Hari Krishna sir ..I'm coming from hyd to guntur only to consult him ..that much impact he made on Me .

- Vennam Sambasiva Rao

14th April 2024

Very clean and top class atmosphere and we can't talk about Hari garu treatment every time because he is the top gen med doctor in guntur and chirala ..very happy to get treatment here in dhruthi clinic

- Venkatesh Kondaputuri

14th March 2024

I took my mother here ..When I visited first time I have lot of doubts and fear ..Hari sir explanation and the sholder he is giving to gain more nowledge and strength which will help to get cure without medicine ..and ofcourse with the medicin he is the top in guntur ..cost wise also I'm very happy..assome experience I have here ..rich clinic with budget friendly

- Ramakrishna Jandhayala

14th March 2024

Dr.hari Krishna garu was my family doctor since last 5 years every time we visited here we fell lot comfortable and confidence and cost wise also ... cleanliness and ac was also top notch ...

- Mannava Kishore

12th March 2024

Dr. Hari krishna sir explanation and medication no other place u can get... U have to go to Dhruthi only.. And the environment in clinic u will never ever experience outside anywhere.. Top class clinic in guntur

- Sridevi Sri

10th March 2024

I came here with heavy fever.. After consulting Dr. Hari sir first of all I'm very feeling free with the dr words and explanation towards the problem and only.. And finalg with the medication I'm completely fine now.. Thank you sir.. Special mention clinic cleanliness and the staff

- Geethika Sajja

8th March 2024

Very very good Dr with very well treatment and well trained staff & well maintained clinic.. everything was picture perfect thank you team

- Korapati Veanugopal

6th March 2024

Well experienced with Dr.Hari garu treatment and medication.. and the quality dhruthi clinics giving in cost wise in the location of lakshmipuram ....thank you Dr and team

- Prasanna naik

15th Feb 2024

Dr.Hari Krishna sir treatment and paying attention to the patient never experienced with any doctor before ..we are very grateful to have such doctor in guntur...fully satisfied

- Maruthi Kumar

10th Feb 2024

Even though heavy patients flow here I got very clean and quick doctor consultation and quality treatment..and very good response from the staff... atmosphere was in top notch .

- Srinivasa rao atmakuri

8th Feb 2024

Dr.hari sir treatment and speaking with patients with patience wast assome and cleanliness and staff behaviour was top notch .. everything was perfect

- Masthan Reddy yarram

5th Feb 2024

Dr.hari sir treatment and explanation about the deseas to the patient was rop notch and clinics was very clean and staff are very responsible..thank you team dhruthi

- Sasank Makkena

5th Feb 2024

Dr.Hari krishna garu treatment and listening with patience towards patient problem ..staff behaviour..Clinic atmosphere everything was picture perfect..highly preferable

- Sundara Rao Marneni

2nd Feb 2024

I liked the hospital and the treatment Is also too good.The response towards the patience is amazing.thaq dr.hari Krishna sir

- Rasool Shaik

18th Jan 2024

Very beautiful & Very nice Doctor dr.hari Krishna sir thanks dhruthi teme I well referred in my friend and family the best fever and daibetes clinic in guntur.

- MD Rizwan

12th Jan 2024

I came here with serious cough and cold in this cold season..I got very good treatment and highly satisfied with the cleanliness and staff behaviour 5 starts clinics ..top class

- Jampani Satishkumar

11th Jan 2024

the way dr.hari sir treated i became a big fan of him and the clinic was in top notch ..very well reciving by the staff ..even the technicians also very polite and they are taking blood sample manner was superb ..simply outstanding clinic in lakshmipuram

- Devendra Bandaru

8th Jan 2024

For my father chest pain problem I visited lot of hospitals finally I found Dr.Hari krushna garu at dhruthi hospitals..now my hole family is very happy because my father was cured ..now he is very happy ..we very thankful to Dr.Hari sir and Dhruthi health care.. everything was perfect cleanliness,cost wise , receiving full marks to entire team

- Shaik Khaja

6th Jan 2024

My mother came here with high fever ..but after interaction with Dr.hari Krishna garu we fell very good and after using medicine cured 100% ..very happy with the way of staff behaviour and cleanliness of the cleaning..very low cost also ..thank you team dhruthi

- Prasanna Palakayala

6th Jan 2024

Doctor have treated me well and staff are so friendly and the premises is hygienic , waiting time is less and hospital is situated in prime location so we can find address easily.

- Ram perumalla

5th Jan 2024

Dr.Hari krishana sir explanation was excellent and clinic was premium response from the reseption top class..lab technicians while they came and take home sample was u never experience another place ...thank you team dhruthi

- Viswanadh P

3rd Jan 2024

The best dental clinic in Guntur. Dr Lakshmi was so experienced and explained the problem in detailed and we underwent root canal treatment with minimal pain and discomfort.

- Chevuri Srinivasa Rao

3rd Jan 2024

My son suffering with fever and vomiting..after I consulted Dr.Hari krishna garu he guided us with some very good diets and medications...very good general MD in guntur ..Higley recommended

- Vamsi Krishna

2nd Jan 2024

Dr hari sir Treatment was top class explaining about problems and medications all too good and staff lab technicians report speed excellent

- Ram Lakshman Reddy

3rd Jan 2024

I came here with heavy fever ..after consulting Dr Hari sir ..he explained and identified my problem without lot of examinations...very low cost ..and exllent experience of the clinics..thank you team dhruthi

- Srinu Navuluri

1st Jan 2024

Very best treatment by Dr.hari krishna garu with the effortable prices and the maintenance was at its best ...top class

- Suresh Thella

2nd Jan 2024

Exlent experience I have here in dhruthi clinics .. initially i suffered with high cough ..after consulting Dr.Hari sir his explanation and medications made me to experience the best ..thank you all

- Naga suman mupparaju

2nd Jan 2024

Top notch u would want to explain in one word ...Dr .Hari sir explanation and prices ...u name it every thing is in view of a common man ..thank you

- Shaik Mahboob basha

2nd Jan 2024

I suffering with long term cough I came here with my neighbour suggestion..after I came here feel very relief and I'm so happy with the way Dr .Hari Krishna garu treatment..thank you all ..

- Raju Chilaka

5th Jan 2024

Dr.Hari Krishna garu was excellent and the staff behaviour and cleanliness of the clinic was finominal .. with for ever pinny u paid here thank you druthi clinics


22nd Dec 2023

I am very thankful to Dr. Hari Krishna sir. I strongly recommend it to serious coughs, fever and asthma cases. I am happy with his consultation and very friendly nature with his patients. Best hospital with low price.

- D S Babu

10th December 2023

I am came here with high fever and seasonal cold severely..but after interaction with Dr.hari Krishna garu we fell very good and after using medicine cured 100% the way they receiving me in that condition very generously Dr.harikrishana sir very frndly Nature and down to the earth i am advising consultant sir if u feels unhealthy and the cleanliness is upto mark. I am very happy ..thank you team dhruthi

- Devaki Gogula

8th December 2023

Good staff.very good environment.. excellent Doctor...Hari sir explains to patients very well...thank you druthi clinic's

- Saidulu Valdasu

5th Dec 2023

Dr.Hari Krishna sir explanation.. cleanliness of the clinic.. response of staff all top class ..visit dhruthi if u want the best genaral md in guntur

- Lvr Kiran

8th December 2023

The attention of the doctor and staff was excelent the cleanliness of the hospital was top class doctor and staff coundt have been more frienly and helpfull thank you druthi clinics

- Sai Gummadi

6th Dec 2023

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